2024 Summer Curriculum – Linked By Love

Our camps will receive a 10% discount off the price of the curriculum if they order before November 1. We are using a promo code that identifies our camps as Brethren. The promo code is very important for without it Brethren Press does not get credit for the sale.  By using the code you will receive the discount and support the publishing ministries of the Church of the Brethren.

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Love comes from God — but how do experience God’s love?

We see God’s love in close friends and family. We know that such love links our lives, teaching us about commitment, intimacy, grace, and faith. As we seek to create and strengthen life giving relationships, we remember that such love flows from God, links us all together, and we give thanks.

What you’ll find in Linked by Love

Linked by Love all-inclusive summer camp curriculum includes materials for a full week’s worth of activities for different age levels. You’ll find:

  • Bible study and community building activities for five age groups
  • Separate worship resources designed specifically for children and youth
  • Activity sheets to send home with campers for engaging families
  • “Letters from Camp” – templates you can adapt and send out to campers and families all year long
  • Crafts, games, science and nature, multi-day projects, challenges and group building, and much more!

Planning camp, training staff, and creating life-long memories has never been easier!