Church of the Brethren

Outdoor ministries Association

Connecting, enlivening, and supporting the dynamic ministries of Church of the Brethren Camps

Communing with God in Nature

Our camps are hidden treasures, surrounded by landscapes of absolute beauty. We serve as a retreat from the world, where you can clear your mind and commune with our Creator God.  

Connecting All People

Our camps connect all of God’s children: families, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, school children, teenagers and many more through a variety of programs including summer resident camps, retreats, outdoor schools, adventure, family camping, and more.


Since the 1920s, the Brethren have had a strong tradition of outdoor ministries, today having 28 different camps across the United States. These camps, big and small, have had eternal impacts on the hearts of thousands over the years.

Beloved Communities

All across the country, nestled in the bounty of God’s creation, you will find our camps; communities where the love of Jesus Christ is shown, felt, and shared to all persons. Each of our camps is unique, but the love and mission we share connects us. In the modern world, camp plays an important role, now more than ever.